Raedefrac Sellers

Hmmmm. Didn't see that comin'.


The oldest of two brothers, Raed (pronounced Red like the color of his hair) is destined to inherit the family business. The problem is he could care less about the family business, which irks the hell out of his younger brother, Aelfric. Raef is much more interested in exploring the world outside of the store and that curiosity pretty much keeps him in trouble most of the time.

It wasn't always this way. When he was younger, Raed couldn't wait to go help his Mom and Dad run things; but after a few years, he was discouraged by the praise bestowed upon his younger brother while he was constantly told "you need to count it", "take your time Raed", and "why don't you go in the back and unpack the boxes." As he grew up, he realized he enjoyed being outside way more than being inside and he constantly made up errands to give him a few minutes away from the shop.

Raed doesn't say much and you're more likely to find him alone than with company. He is quite sensitive and has a soft spot for underdogs and for outsiders. The town folk find Raed polite enough, but he's always been known as "that strange Seller's boy." "There goes that strange Sellers' boy."  "That strange Sellers' boy is behind the counter so we could be a bit longer today." Raed is pretty oblivous to the negative talk and his demeanor is always polite, if a bit quiet.

His relationship with his brother is complicated. They are very different and Raed can be very protective of Aelfric. When they were kids, he would often be the one to jump right in and beat up anyone who tried to tease his brother for his nice clothes or his nice hair or the way he talked or walked. He never teases his little brother, and if you have something negative to say, you best not say it in front of him.




Raedefrac Sellers

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