Kiernan Longacre

Firstborn, and don't you forget it!


As the oldest son of Liam Longacre, Kiernan has known all his life that the farm is his to inherit. This weight on his shoulders for 19 years has made him a responsible, focused, and self-assured individual. Some have been known to view him as stuffy or arrogant as a result of this. Kiernan is solid and steady like his father, with a powerful connection to the land. The exceptions to his being "solid and steady" are his weak back (a result of falling off the roof of the house during a childhood escapade) and his tendency to freeze up after stressful situations. Kiernan prefers to settle disputes through discussion, which is why he is a bit fed up with the fights Will's bad temper causes. Although Kiernan is good in a fight if necessary, once the adrenaline leaves his system…. he kind of goes into shock.

Kiernan gets along well with his younger siblings, though he leaves the "corraling" of William to Xavier. In an attempt to channel Will's energies in a positive direction, he encouraged his younger brother's woodland interests. Kiernan rolls his eyes at any antics associated with the twins and generally does his best to avoid helping them out of any scrapes of Will's making. He is above such childish foolishness… at least, that's what he feels he needs to project.

Kiernan Longacre

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