Will Longacre

"Xavier, old sot, I think that tosser just insulted you! Are you gonna stand for that? Well, I'm not! As soon as I finish this pint, he's in big trouble!"


Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 165 lb.

Age: 17

Eyes: Green

Hair: Reddish Brown, straight, short all around, but longer in front

Will's face is more rounded than angular, favoring his ma more than his da. He's wiry, but not skinny. His hair is longer in front and tends to fall around his eyes. He is often grinning slightly to himself, as though something has struck him as amusing. When out in the wilds, Will tends to wear dark brown leather pants with fringes, sturdy black leather boots trimmed in wolf fur, an undyed, long sleeve linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a sturdy black cotton vest also trimmed in wolf’s fur and sporting a hood. He has a steel, ring-type bracelet (the work of his twin brother) on his right wrist and a necklace made with leather cord and beads featuring a bear’s claw close around his neck. On his left wrist, he usually wears a leather string-guard (bracer), and if he’s bowhunting for any length of time, he wears an leather glove on his right hand with the thumb and pinky cut off. Out in the woods, Will is never without his tomahawk and hunting knife. Run-ins with wolves, bears, and a particularly fierce badger notwithstanding, Will sees these as tools more than weapons. He owns a suit which could best be described as “country-nice”. Will carries himself with a bit of a swagger in town, with a devil-may-care gleam in his eye, but in the wilderness, his manner changes. He becomes all business and treats nature with respect.


William Longacre is the son of Liam and Julia Longacre in Millers Crossing. The family farm is situated on a long plot on the east bank of the River Running. He has a large family, with six siblings. He loves his parents, but has a bit of a rocky relationship with his father, whom Will sees as cold and distant. Will’s trouble-making is, in large part, due to his desire to get his father’s attention. Even becoming a successful apprentice hasn’t impressed him much, as far as Will can tell. His mother, on the other hand, unconsciously enables Will’s antics. He knows that no matter how much trouble he’s in with his father, his mother will just sigh, give him a hug and make him some honeycakes and tea.

Will gets along well with all his brothers and sisters, even if he finds Kiernan a bit stuffy. He is close with Dierdre, being someone she feels she can talk to, and knowing that he’ll shield her from Xavier’s zealous protectiveness. Connor is Will’s little buddy, going with him off into the woods as often as their parents will allow. Will positively dotes on Teagan. He will listen to her babble on about the kitchen garden for as long as she wants, and helps her with herbs and such. Whenever he goes off into the forest for a few days, he always comes back with some small feather, shell or stone for her.

Will spends less time on the farm these days, having been apprenticed to the local forester, Daegun Farlander. He's most at home in the wilds. He knows how to hunt, trap, clean and skin game. He is well-versed in wilderness survival, as well as navigation and general knowledge of the natural world. He’s made a modest bit of coin selling his furs and leather to the locals, as well as the merchants who occasionally come through the town. If anyone needs help hunting or needs materials from the forest, they look for Will or his Master.

The only place Will enjoys more than the wilderness is the local pub. He is a notorious but well-liked figure around Miller's Crossing, known for being the life of the party until he loses his temper and starts a brawl. Will is impatient, overconfident, and has a nasty temper. Despite these challenges, however, most people in town seem to take to him. He and Xavier can usually be found at a table with friends talking loudly and making merry. Most of the young men in town have run afoul of WIll on one occasion or another, but more often than not, they’ll be lifting a cup with him later that same night. Will is also known for being a bit of a ladies man, stealing kisses and occasionally breaking hearts. He has the advantage of being the town bad boy while also being known as a good young man.

Will and Xavier are two sides of the same coin. While not polar opposites, Will tends to be more hot headed and impatient, where Xavier is more even-keel and thoughtful. The two are close and when looking for one, the best approach is to look for the other. They have an unexplainably keen awareness of the other. They cannot lie to each other and they seem to know when their twin is in trouble, which has come in handy for Xavier in trying to keep Will out of the fire.

Will is happy to be off the farm as much as possible. It was never the life for him, and he has plans beyond Miller's Crossing. He hopes to start his own fur and leather trade with the merchants in Hawthorne, going into business for himself. He also hopes to convince Xavier to come along and open a smithy in the small city.


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