The general feel of the time is Renaissance-ish, somewhere around TL4 for GURPS, but someplaces are more TL3. Most people don't waltz around with swords on their hips all the time, just like normal people didn't in the Renaissance. There isn't a feudal system; most isolated towns tend to have mayor/council type things (though it's not really a democracy). Think oligarchy combined with nepotism. Farmers tend not to be on the councils; they don't have the time for it and that feeds into it not being considered appropriate for them.


There are no laws about drinking. There are laws about killing and stealing. And taxes. Of course there are laws about taxes. 


Surnames are in some way pertinent to profession for the most part. (Loreena Highwater's da runs the ferry.) Thus, whenever Xavi "grows up" and shrugs off his apprentice mantle, he would most likely be known around town as Xavi Smith, and there would be a cool little ceremony for him. Same deal for Will Forester or whatever, whenever he becomes his own man. The Longacre farm is going to the oldest brother, Kieran, who is the one who will bear that surname forever

The Naming Ceremony is an important rite of passage. Boys and girls become apprentices at 13. After 5 years of learning their craft, they graduate to journeyman status and are granted a surname reflecting their trade. Youths who still bear their father's name are sometime referred to as "nameless" which is a mildly insulting way of calling someone immature or irresponsible.


Marriage for girls tends to be 16-20. Men are older than that, since they (in theory) set up a trade for stability before trying to take care of a wife. Hence Eileen Longacre (16) marrying Nathan Tinker (20), who was already an established tinker.

Known Groups


A group of specialized tinkers. Projects include engines, which are described as tiny mills that work without water to turn them. They can be used to move carts. Maggie Sellers says they can even move things through the air. The Engineers are a secret society out of fear of the Fallers. Parts like those Nathan was inheriting are difficult to make, and the Pine Valley Engineers don’t have a constant source of them.

Known Engineers: Sven of Pine Valley, now-deceased Pincipo Tinker of Hawthorne, Nathan Tinker?


According to Sven of Hawthorne, Fallers is dead-set against the devices that the Engineers make. Fallers are willing to kill to prevent them being made.


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