Session 2

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Turns out Uncle Snorri was a mob errand-boy and world-class jerk. He’s gonna catch a beatdown from the Longacre boys if we ever run in to him.

Here’s the GM’s piecemeal explanation, not her most eloquent, but what do you expect over a year later?

By the end of Session 2, Kiernan had headed back to Millers Crossing because of the potential for mafia-related incidents there. The rest of you were planning to sell Nathan’s inheritance to get enough money to 1) pay off the Bernoulli clan and 2) ransom Ma Sellers. You boys had concluded that Pa Sellers was a worthless lout to be beaten into a bloody pulp when next encountered. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what your plans concerning him were. You only have a few weeks to raise the necessary capital, and there is no market in Hawthorne for the high quality machine parts in Nathan’s crates. Nor would it be wise to sell the crate of saltpeter that belongs to the Bernoulli clan. I believe we had agreed to pick up again with your exciting trek to get to a place where people would have the cash and desire to buy up all the fancy gears and poles.

Some details I will add… you talked to some tinkery people in Hawthorne to try to sell the stuff, but they said it was out of their league. They told you tinkers in Pine Valley would have the necessary capital to buy such strange metals and/or figure out what they’re for to do something useful with them.

Ma Sellers (known as Mother to her sons) is being held captive on the Wind Sprite, a boat under the control of the Bernoulli crime organization. Her whereabouts are currently unknown because the ship left harbor during the course of your adventures last time. The Bernoulli boss you spoke with agreed to release her to you if you paid off Snorri Sellers’s debts.

So, you can do a cold call on random tinkers in Pine Valley’s commercial district, or you can check out the captain’s contacts. Or both. But you only have a week or so to spend in Pine Valley before you need to head back to Hawthorne. A regular boat takes 10 days to go between the cities. The Morning After takes 7 days. Of course, you could spend longer in Pine Valley if you can find a faster way to travel…

You guys figured out that the black powder was dangerous because some sparked on the fire during your examination process. The crate of pouches of it was hidden among Nathan’s crates. You learned that the black powder belongs to the Bernoullis, who had charged Snorri with storing it somewhere safe for a while. Snorri had intended to send it to the Longacre Farm, along with Nathan’s stuff.

You decided last time that although you would sell Nathan’s things (justifiable because Nathan didn’t even know about them) it would be unwise to try to sell the Bernoulli’s things (they knew exactly who to blame if you did and how on Earth would you market it anyway?)

So, when you shipped out with Nathan’s crates, you did not take the black powder crate with you. You either left it locked up in the Seller’s Stand or you had Kiernan take it with him when he left for Miller’s Crossing.

All that being said, it is certainly within reason that some of you might have snatched a pouch of the black powder. And, you are free to change your mind about selling it. I’m just reporting the rationale you all talked through last time for not selling it. If you can’t sell Nathan’s stuff or don’t get enough money for it, you could of course reopen the conversation about the black powder. Or find some other way to use it (blackmail, explosions, what-have-you) to deal with your inherited Bernoulli problems.

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Session 2

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