Sellers Family

Inhabitants of Hawthorne, related to the Longacre Family of Millers Crossing


Snorri Sellers, born in 2960, is the patriarch of the Sellers family and runs a merchant business based in Hawthorne. His wife, Margaret (known as Madge) is the sister of Liam Longacre. Snorri married Madge in June 2989. Liam is dedicated to his purse and quite demanding. He has a network of people who owe him favors throughout Hawthorne and beyond, in other towns thorughout Erie. Snorri often is on the road as part of his work, though he seldom brings his sons along.

Madge, born in 2975, was raised on the Longacre farm, but has adapted quite easily to city life. She enjoys dressing the part of the wife of a wealthy merchant, regardless of the status of the family finances. Madge fills her days in needlecraft with her friends, gossiping about the latest happenings in Hawthorne. She does not involve herself in the running of the store, leaving that to her two sons.

Raedefrac is 17 (2990).

Aelfric is 16 (2992).

Sellers Family

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