Quotes 3

Jenn: If you’d use your tongue more than your fists, maybe you’d have more Charisma.

Jere: That’s what she said!


Raedefrac (to Will): You’re just buying the first round… And every round thereafter.


Aelfric (regarding Snorri): Is this my future?

Xavi: You don’t have to be an ass.


Aelfric (of Raed): He was being a street urchin. It’s what he does.


Xavi: That lying cow!

Raed: Don’t talk about my sister that way!


Aelfric: I had a really nice life in that other city, whatever it might be called.


Matt (of Kimberly): She’s a couple columns short of a ledger.


Raedefrac: We were doing well until about two days before you arrived.

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Quotes 3

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