Quotes 1

Jason (to Jenn, the GM): We're playing! Shut up!


Aelfric (to Raed): You crumb-stealing applejohn!


Aelfric (to Raed after talking to Jill the waitress): I can't help it if they find me compelling. Even Peter O'Reilley has an eye for me.


Upon learning that Kiernan's sweetheart is Mary Baker… 

Jere: The baker's girl! Good action!

Jenn: You'll have buns in the oven before long.

Jere: Nice muffins!


When Jenn voiced Connor for the first time…

Jason: She's got three modes, Jenn, cackling crone, and Mickey Mouse. No, four modes—

Everyone: Russian!


Describing the scene in the River Rat…

Jenn: The fiddler's getting out his instrument.

D: What does that mean?

Jenn: That was not innuendo!


Concerning Xavi with Loreena…

Aelfric: Your brother dances like a horse.

Will: That's a step up from—

Jere: The ass he was?


At the end of the night…

Jason: What, I get a point in Dumbassery and Running Into Knives? 

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Quotes 1

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