Millers Crossing

Millers Crossing is a small settlement of Erie along the River Running, most significant for the presence there of the Highwater Ferry, the only reliable way to cross the River Running within 30 klicks. Another prominent business is Buck Mill, where most of the local grain farmers bring their harvests to be ground into flour. The majority of inhabitants live on the eastern bank (where the mill is) in a spread out community of farmers and associated industries. Merchant caravans pass through the small village on their way downriver to Hawthorne or on their way across the river to points inland.


Known inhabitants

Longacre Family 

Loreena Highwater and her da, Kenneth

Merril Chamberlain, son of the lead councilman (and destined to one day hold that position himself)

Geoff and Jack Buckmill, heirs of the Buck Mill "fortune" 

Orrin Smithson, blacksmith to whom Xavier Longacre is apprenticed

Daegun Farlander, forester to whom William Longacre is apprenticed

Karen Weaver, weaver to whom Dierdre Longacre is apprenticed 

Jolson Cheer, innkeeper of the Red Lion

Tammy Alewife, bartendress of the River Rat 

Stefan and Abigail Cobbler, shoe-maker and his wife

Gunnar and Hildi Cleaver, butcher and his wife

Marianne Wainwright



Millers Crossing

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