Longacre Family

Inhabitants of Millers Crossing, related to the Sellers Family of Hawthorne.

Liam Longacre, born in 2968, is the patriarch of the Longacre family and runs the wheat farm left him by his father. His sister, Margaret (known as Madge), married Snorri Sellers and moved to Hawthorne June 2989. Liam is even-keeled and industrious. He works the land, he knows the land, he loves the land. His children are his workers (until they're thirteen, at which point they can choose to be someone else's workers). He is a practical man, not affectionate, but not harsh. Demanding, but not cruel. He will not lift a finger to get one of his children out of trouble of their own making… which in his mind, is any type of trouble at all. His philosophy in life is you make choices and you live with them. Liam is a big man, lots of muscle from years of hard labor. Brown eyes, bald (though he is usually wearing a wide-brimmed floppy sort of hat for sun protection).
Julia Longacre, born 2971 as Julia Tracker in Millers Crossing, married Liam in 2988. She is a reliable farm wife. She loves all her kids and isn't shy about showing it. She supports Liam's decrees in public, but she will clean up their scrapes and give them tea and honey cakes after he leaves the room. She is of average height and build, black hair, blue eyes. She and Liam have a good relationship, as far as the outside world can tell. They aren't demonstrative, but nor are they argumentative. The only time anyone sees real emotion in Liam's eyes is sometimes when he is caught looking at Julia.

The farm is situated on a long plot on the east bank of the River Running. The house is not that large. The parents' room adjoins the kitchen/dining/sitting room. Then there's the "barracks," a long, thin room along the back of the house, lined with beds and lofts. When Eileen moved out, Kiernan took over her space, so he has one whole loft to himself. Xavier and Will have the other loft, and the young children have beds on ground level. Sneaking in and out of the house is accomplished through a moveable section of roof above the twins' loft.

The Children 
Kiernan (2989) is 19.

Eileen Tinker (2990) is 18 and married to Nathan Tinker. Eileen was working as an easily-distractable apprentice to Karen Weaver when she met Nathan Tinker of Hawthorne (4 years her senior) on one of his trips across the River Running. His trips grew more frequent, and in six months they were married. That was in 3006 (16 is a young age to wed, but not unreasonably so). They lived in Hawthorne for about three months and then passed through Millers Crossing with a loaded wagon and said what felt like fairly permanent farewells. They crossed the River Running and no one has seen them since. Eileen was always pretty spunky and would tease younger siblings something fierce. She was genuinely in love with Nathan and seemed absolutely thrilled to head off to new places with him when she said her goodbyes.

William and Xavier (2991) are 17.

Dierdre (2994) is 14 and has been apprentice to Karen Weaver for a year, drastically improving the woman's opinion of the Longacre progeny. Local boys have taken a liking to her and often find excuses to visit either the linen shop during the day or the farmhouse in the evenings. She has made special linen shirts for each of her siblings, embroidered with unconventional designs that she says "describe" them.

Connor (2995) is 12. He helps Liam around the farm and also is specifically responsible for the care of the family's pigs and chickens. He enjoys trips into the forest with William, who is teaching him how to hunt and fish, as well as basic survival skills. He gets into mischief with the sling William made for him.

Teagan (3001) is 7. The family's kitchen garden is her pride and joy. She is often found there tending the herbs and vegetables while babbling a constant narrative of her activities to Mr. Bunworthy, a small, poorly-sewn collection of leather and rabbit pelts made by William and intended to resemble a bunny.

Longacre Family

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